Everything Know About Baldev Singh (Pro Kabaddi)

Baldev Singh is an Indian Kabaddi player whose native is a village in Himachal Pradesh called Dabhota. He has played for Indian National Kabaddi Team internationally. His debut was in the year 2018 against Nepal. He started playing in Pro Kabaddi League Season-6. He always admired National Kabaddi Star Ajay Thakur as his inspiration.

About Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh was born on 27th May in the year 1993 in a village called the Dabhota in Himachal Pradesh. Baldev Singh has done his schooling at Bhagat Singh Memorial Public School in Dabhota. And he is graduated from Layalpur Khalsa College in Jalandhar.

His father’s name is Shri Manjeet Singh, who was also a Kabaddi player and represented the Services. His father earlier was in Army Force and later was in Himachal Pradesh Police.

Baldev Singh ( Pro Kabaddi 2021)
Baldev Singh ( Pro Kabaddi 2021)

His mother’s name is Shakuntala Devi who always inspired him to play Kabaddi and not to be a mediocre player of the sport.

Baldev Singh started playing Kabaddi in his school days as his passion. His first coach was Rakesh Chandel. Coach Rakesh Chandel was the first person who helped Baldev Singh with his skills in Kabaddi. Baldev Singh won the gold medal with Indian Team during South Asian Games in the year 1995, where he got known for his stint in that game.

Later he joined Kabaddi formally in the Dabhota Sports Club where he learned defensive skills and started playing at National Championship Level from the year 2013, hence, representing Himachal Pradesh.

He always gets inspired by his closest mate Ajay Thakur. He is also from the same village Dabhota. Baldev Singh has played with Ajay Thakur and Vishal Bhardwaj in Senior Nationals 2017-18. At that time Himachal Pradesh couldn’t make it to play-offs but still, Baldev Singh captured a lot of appreciations.

Baldev Singh won the gold medal for team India at International Invitational Men’s Kabaddi Tournament which was held in Kathmandu, Nepal in the year 2017. It was one of his greatest achievements.
Baldev Singh has hobbies like traveling and dancing.

Baldev Singh’s Career in Pro Kabaddi League

Baldev Singh’s potential was seen by Bengal Warriors, ultimately making his debut in Season-6 of the Pro Kabaddi League. In that season he didn’t disappoint the team management and hence was retained by Bengal Warriors at Rs.12 lakhs in Season-7.

Baldev Singh’s nature on the field of Pro Kabaddi League was aggressive and his position was as a defender. His signature move was ‘Dash’. There Baldev Singh collected 190 tackle points with a total of 93 tackle points and 8 super tackle points for two Seasons.

He helped Bengal Warriors to win their first Pro Kabaddi League title like a young leader, by collecting a lot of tackle points.
His total net worth is 2-3 Crores.
Baldev Singh is considered to be one of India’s future best players on the defensive field.


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