Everything Know About Nitesh Kumar ( Pro Kabaddi 2021 )

It is well said, “Offence wins you games, but defense gives you titles.” These words come to be true for Nitesh Kumar. Nitish Kumar, son of Kabaddi coach, showed his talent in a way that led him to the Best Defender Award in Season-6, thereby making him one of the top 10 players in the Pro Kabaddi League.

About Nitesh Kumar

Nitesh Kumar was born on 12th August in the year 1997. Nitish Kumar’s father’s name is Mr. Sanjay Kumar, who is a former Kabaddi Defender himself with many years of experience. He guided Nitesh very well that eventually led Nitesh to become the hero of Pro Kabaddi.

Nitesh started playing from the early age of seven and always received support from his father and uncle. Nitesh Kumar is a graduate of FKHP (Future Kabaddi Heroes Program) for the right corner.

Nitesh Kumar gives all credit to his father for his dedication and work ethic. Mr. Sanjay Kumar gave complete knowledge of Kabaddi to him. He also guided him into the VIVO Pro Kabaddi and AKFI-launched Future Kabaddi Heroes (FKH) Programme, where Nitesh came out as a supreme player of the Kabaddi.

Nitesh says, “A friend who is also a Kabaddi coach himself told my father about the FKH program. My father encouraged me to attend the trials when he knew would help me develop as an athlete, at the very least”, told prokabaddi.com.

Nitesh Kumar ( Pro Kabaddi 2021 )
Nitesh Kumar ( Pro Kabaddi 2021 )

During his journey at the FKH Program Nitesh shown up as a quick learner. He learned all the techniques of the Kabaddi very quickly. He not only developed his skills as a defender but also introduced himself to today’s modern standard set of skills. He once said, “What I learned there has helped me become a better player. The training and diet aspects were completely new to me but today I follow them in the off-season as well.”

Nitesh Kumar’s Career in Pro Kabaddi League

Nitish Kumar made his debut in Pro Kabaddi Season-5 and played for UP Yodha. However, he didn’t play well in Season-5 and his breakthrough season was Pro Kabaddi League Season-6, where he performed as a thunder. Thus, becoming the first player to score 100 tackle points in a single season.

He once again showed his level in Season-7 while scoring 75 tackle points and stood third for the Best Defender of the Season. Being a captain in this season he gained 122 tackle points with an average of 2.91 points per match.

Nitesh Kumar became the first player in the Pro Kabaddi League history to score 100 points in a single season. Nitesh Kumar was always the main reason behind UP Yodha’s 8 wins consecutively, where he had an excellent average of 4.5 tackle points for a single match. Nitesh Kumar will continue to play for UP Yodha in Pro Kabaddi Season-8 also.

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