PKL 2021-Pro Kabaddi 2021 Points Table

The upcoming leg of the Pro Kabaddi League, also abbreviated as PKL 8, will commence this year. Mashal Sports, the regulatory committee already established the time span for the upcoming eighth season of VIVO Pro Kabaddi from July to October earlier this year.

Looking at the surge of the impact of the pandemic in India, it is early to ponder when the season will take off eventually. Let us take a look at how the Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2021 points table will be prepared.


Points Table is an instrumental way to display the rankings of the participating teams in the league. The top six squads as per the PKL 2021 Points Table standings will advance to the playoff round.


The number of points earned in league-stage matches will influence team standings in Pro Kabaddi.

Here are the basic rules for gaining points in the match;
Every team will gain one point for evicting every rival.
The team that achieves an ALL-OUT will receive two additional points. With each bonus point provided, every team’s total will be increased by one score.
If the raider is caught with 3 or fewer defenders, the defense team receives an added perk point. In this case, the point total awarded is 2.
When the raider passes the bonus line, he receives one point. If the raider is apprehended after passing the bonus line, the raider’s team will earn one point in addition to the defending team.

Here are how the points are awarded for PKL 2021 Points Table standings;

PKL 2021-Pro kabaddi 2021 points table
PKL 2021- Pro kabaddi 2021 points table

If the victory margin is larger than 7 points, the victorious team will receive 5 league points and the other team will earn 0 points.
If the margin of victory is 7 or less, the champion receives 5 league points and the opposition side earns one.
If a tie arises, both sides will earn three league points.
When more than one squad has the same number of points, the league standings of those teams will be established by the score disparity, or the discrepancy between total points won and total points conceded. The team with the greatest score disparity will be rated higher on the PKL 2021 points table.
If the discrepancy in scores between teams is the same, the squad with the larger total score will be rated better in the Vivo Pro kabaddi 2021 Points Table.

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