Everything Know About Sumit Singh ( Pro Kabaddi )

Sumit Singh is a 25 years old young Kabaddi player from Haryana. He is known for his raiding techniques. He played for Bengaluru Bulls from Season-4 to Season-7 in Pro Kabaddi League.

About Sumit Singh

Sumit Singh was born on 15th June in the year 1996 in Sonipat, Haryana. Sonipat is mostly known for making some best players for the Pro Kabaddi league and the nation as well.

Sumit started playing Kabaddi at a very young age where he witnessed many professional players achieving various achievements from his village. Sumit then started participating in different local tournaments at this young age.

He made his debut in Kabaddi in Haryana in the year 2016 and finished third in the All India University Games in the year 2017.

In the post-season, Sumit Singh got the opportunity for Pro Kabaddi League trials. He performed so amazingly for the teams during all India University Games and various tournaments that Bengaluru Bulls saw the upcoming talent in Sumit Singh in raiding for this young and so versatile raider. Therefore, they picked him in Pro Kabaddi League Season-4 Team.

Sumit Singh’s Career in Pro Kabaddi League

Sumit Singh ( Pro Kabaddi 2021)
Sumit Singh ( Pro Kabaddi 2021)

In his debut season Pro Kabaddi League Season-4, he didn’t manage to play well as he didn’t get the opportunity to play not more than five games and collected a total of 7 raid points for his team. At that time, he played more as a backup raider for Bengaluru Bulls.

Where Sumit Singh’s performance was noticed in all India University Games in the year 2017, he was retained by the Bengaluru Bulls team in every season of the Pro Kabaddi League. But he was able to show his talent as a raider In Pro Kabaddi League Season-7 because coach Randhir Singh put trust in him and deputed him to Pawan Singh Sehrawat. There he made 162 total raid points and scored 66 points in only 20 matches serving. He showed everyone as an able team player and contributed very highly in tackles as well, where he made 6 total tackle points with 6 successful tackles.

Overall Sumit is an amazing raider with a lot of skills and talents and has been used many times in situations like do or die raids. Sumit Singh’s signature move is a slow start to the raid with a sudden burst of acceleration, which takes defenders by surprise and then a swift hand touch to get a point or two. Sumit Singh won Pro Kabaddi League Championship with Bengaluru Bulls in the year 2018. Total 37 matches have been played by Sumit Singh till now and he has completed his 194 raids.

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